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Care Assessement checklist

This guide provides an overview of key elements to consider whilst undertaking a care needs assessment for autistic people/ND and references the law under the Autism Act 2009, the Care Act 2014 statutory guidance, Chapter 6: Assessment and Eligibility as well as other relevant legislation.

Every autistic adult in the UK has the right to:

  • Have a care needs assessment that is autism specific
  • Undertaken by an assessor with the skills, competency and knowledge of autism sufficient to undertake that assessment.

We have created a series of downloads intended to inform you of your rights and to help during a needs assessment:

Autism affects 1.1% of the UK population and is a life long condition. Over 90% of people with autism also have sensory issues.

The Autism Alliance strive to support, raise awareness and increase understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions throughout the UK to allow all affected by autism to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

We work in four areas to secure long-term change for all affected by autism

Supporting all

We are the major UK network of specialist autism charities. We work nationwide with children and adults to improve lives.

Information for all

Information about the Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) from some of the countries’ leading experts and practitioners.

Research into all

Every field of autism research has its importance, through understanding we can tailor support for a brighter future.

Connecting to all

Autism awareness training for the public and private sector to help broader understanding of autism in the workplace and community.

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