Member Organisations

The Autism Alliance is the major network of specialist autism charities in the UK.

With national coverage from our member organisations we ensure the voice of autistic people and their families is heard. Our local and national members support thousands of children and adults on the autism spectrum in a variety of settings from residential, day services, schools, family support and pathways through to work. Current membership comes from education, research and local, regional and national care providers.

The Autism Alliance acts as an umbrella organisation for 16 different charities.

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Autism West Midlands

Our aim is to improve the choice and quality of services and support for people on the autism spectrum.

As an alliance we hold shared beliefs and values relating to the individual potential of people on the autism spectrum, our expectations for them are high and we believe that:

People on the autism spectrum will always continue to develop skills and strategies and we can demonstrate positive outcomes for the people we support

People on the autism spectrum have significant strengths and can use these to learn and develop skills allowing them to participate as independent and valued citizens, enjoying equal rights and opportunities

A flexible and personalised approach is necessary to support the development of individual skills

Through working alongside people on the autism spectrum, effective strategies can be developed that enable them to contribute to and be consulted on all aspects of their lives

Consultation through listening to people who use the service, and their representatives is key to effective evolving services

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