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Overview of NICE Guidelines for Children and Young People under 19 on the Autism Spectrum

There are two NICE guidelines for children and young people under 19 relating to the autism spectrum:

In June 2017 NICE developed an interactive on-line pathway for children and young people who may be identified as being on the autism spectrum. The pathway shows everything that NICE says in an interactive click-box. The right hand side summarises the different criteria that can be ‘clicked’.

The left hand side highlights links to what focus or stage is required:

  • identification
  • referral
  • assessment
  • diagnosis
  • management
  • transition to adult services

The following link will lead you directly to the pathway:

NICE reported that there may be some minor changes to CG 128 in the future, but that CG 170 is likely to remain the same. Any changes will be notified through this pathway link.

General Note:

NICE pathways bring together all NICE guidance, quality standards and other NICE information on a specific topic. The pathway is designed to be interactive and to be used online.

This document contains a single pathway diagram and uses numbering to link the boxes to the associated recommendation and relevant Quality Standard.

Quality Standards set out the priority areas for quality improvement in health and social care. Each standard gives:

  • a set of statements to help improve quality
  • information on how to manage progress

Who are they for?

  • commissioners use quality standards to ensure that high quality care or services are being commissioned
  • service providers use quality standards to monitor service improvements to show that high quality care or services are being provided and highlight areas for improvement
  • regulators such as Care Quality Commission and Ofsted endorse the use of quality standards to help identify and define good quality care

They are not mandatory but can be used to plan and deliver services to provide the best possible care and support the government’s vision for a health and care system focused on delivering the best possible outcomes.