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Know Your Rights launch

Thursday, 4th April 2019
2pm to 4pm

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A message from our Chair, Jane Howson

The Autism Alliance are concerned that Community Care Assessments are being carried out by people lacking the expertise to undertake such assessments and using tools that are inappropriate. Only 24% of Local Authorities told us that they provided training of a day or more in length. Autism is a complex and diverse condition and expertise cannot be gained in a single days training. In addition 77% of Local Authorities also told us the tools they used to assess need were not autism specific. This often results in people being denied the support they really need and are entitled to, ending in crisis and a negative impact on the individual, their support network and public sector budgets.

Our survey of autistic people and their families/carers told us that:

  • 76% of people only met their assessor on the day of the assessment
  • 80% did not receive a copy of the paperwork in advance
  • Only 2% of people were offered an advocate (despite 42% saying that they needed one)
  • A shocking 45% of people were not able to invite people who were important to them
  • 80% of people felt they needed to know more about their rights.

The law is very clear and we have developed tools for both local authorities and autistic people and their families/carers, to help them ensure that assessments are following the law. We are launching the Know Your Rights Campaign in central London on 4th April. We would love to see you there.

Jane Howson, Chair Autism Alliance

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