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Access to the Covid-19 vaccine for those with learning disabilities – urgent proceedings issued against Matt Hancock

We have had an update in relation to action being taken against the Secretary of State for Health seeking priority access to the Covid-19 vaccine for all individuals with learning disabilities, on an equal basis with other highly clinically vulnerable individuals.

An application for judicial review has been issued by two people with a learning disability, challenging the way in which access to the Covid-19 vaccine has been prioritised.

The Secretary of State will respond to the claim on Friday 5 February 2021. The Claimants are seeking an urgent hearing, and if the claim succeeds will be asking the Court to order the Secretary of State to reconsider his decision as to priority for the vaccines.

BASW England responded immediately when the lack of priority for the vaccine for people with learning disabilities became known and issued a statement in support of the legal challenge and calling for the vaccine to be made available to all people with learning disabilities which can be found here: