The Project

Connect to AutismPeople with autism are often excluded from their own communities through lack of understanding. Connect to Autism is a major national awareness project, funded by the Department of Health, that aims to put this right.

Together with our member charities, we are training national and local organisations such as retail shops, theatres, public transportation systems, leisure centres and many more to become autism-friendly.

The major elements of the project are: the Autism Charter, our Champions NetworkLocal Activities as well as National Organisations.  

The Autism Charter

The Autism Charter was developed by a group of people with autism and sets out realistic and achievable aspirations for venues aiming to be autism-friendly. By signing the Autism Charter businesses show their willingness to become autism-friendly and commit to receive free training form the Autism Alliance UK. Many venues and also individuals have already signed up to the Autism Charter

Which organisations have already signed up to the Autism Charter. Click below to find out.

Local Organisations

National Chains

Champions Network

Connect to Autism is supported by our National Champions. This group consists of individuals with a national profile who get directly involvement in activities and who are willing to mobilise their own networks to increase awareness of autism. The Champions Network brings together people from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, health professionals, philanthropists and people with autism.

If you are interested in becoming a Champion or want to find out more, please visit the Champions Network section.

National Chains

As a major part of the project, we are encouraging national chains – retail, transport, entertainment and others – to identify up to six pilot venues which will sign up to the Autism Charter and work with us to become autism-friendly.

Creating an autism-friendly environment can be simple and low cost, and there are many success stories giving confidence that all sorts of organisations can achieve this.

To support national organisations we offer bespoke training and advice, free of charge. To join and to find out more, please visit our National Chains section.

Local activities

Local activities are the bedrock of the project. The project’s success depends on local communities and local venues committing to welcome people with autism. In eight pilot areas across the country, Autism Alliance UK members are building on existing contacts in local areas, and working to transform attitudes towards autism.

Autism-friendly locations are all referenced on our social network Autism Connect to make sure that people with autism and their families can find them. We are also collecting constructive feedback to help organisations to become event better